When you feel like cr*p in your body sometimes you have to get quiet and ask ‘what do I need to do for you?’

As I sit here, I am tightly drawn across my next, shoulders and back. Tension and stress caused by God knows what. Its been that way for a while and I’m achy and sore from it. And I’ve been ignoring it and carrying on with all the things I need to do. Do you do that too?

And I know, its my fricking job to know, that ignoring this sh!t, carrying on like everything’s okay and nothing’s going on is the worst thing you can do.

What should I be doing?

I need to get quiet, to take the time to check in internally and ask what I need and then do something about it.

What do I need? I know its going to be about taking care of myself. All of me, mind, body and soul.

What does that usually look like for me when I’m on top of things and doing it, instead of just thinking about it?

For me, it starts with meditation. ALWAYS and when I just now went instead I also got the word prayer. that’s new for me, and that’s okay. I can do that, my ideas of God have evolved many times over the years and I now have a reasoning around the concept of God that I’m happy with and which allows me to connect with Source on my terms.

Walking with Amelia. I need to go further than we have been doing since the Coronavirus thing blew up a couple of weeks ago. A proper hour to stretch our legs.

To tap. EFT, not the dance! To tap every day and clear and keep clear the emotional blocks and limits I’ve placed unconsciously around my life,  especially if I truly want to create the real differences I want, to make the jumps and upleveling I am aiming towards.

An absolute must do is writing in my journal. Every day – No Matter What! Even if I have to get up earlier because of other meetings and commitments, this must happen. This is the work I must do and so much grows from this journal work including the audios and blogs I create for you.

To stretch my body. This is the one I’ve been ignoring the most. I finally got to a yoga class after months of talking about it and what happens? Lockdown! It’s no excuse though. I have a mat and an internet connection, there’s plenty of classes online.

What do I want my day to look like? Do you know what you want in your day, every day? I do. I made a plan, its flexible and yet includes all the things that fill me up and make me feel good, and it includes the stuff I have to do that don’t always necessarily fill me up, instead some even deplete me. Some sh!t just needs to get done.

Think about starting every day with a balance sheet for your whole system; mind, body and spirit. Some things you do will bump up your balance sheet, others will draw it down. That’s why its important to start the day with things that fill you up.

What does that for you? Do you even know?

Spend some time today if you can thinking about what should be non-negotiable in your life. The things you must do to stay balanced, clear headed, healthy, well and able then to give your best to whatever you do.

There are some fairly universal basics such as eating right, getting fresh air and exercise, connecting with other people, being of value in your own way to the world, to your community and seeing your value recognised and appreciated.

Every one will have individual needs to be met too. But we all need appreciation, connection, to be seen as valuable and special and important. How can you fulfill those needs yourself if they are not being met by others?

Because it’s okay to tell yourself how awesome you are, how absolutely f*cking brilliant you are at being you.

And this filling yourself up before you start your day comes first. It always comes first.

You have to create the space, go inside, listen to what you need and give it to yourself as best you can. The more you do this, the easier it gets, the deeper you go and the more you will be filled up. And that feels awesome.

You must do this to allow your nervous system to fully calm and reset to a healthy level rather than be permanently stressed out and anxious. You must do this to boost your immune system, to strengthen your heart, your lungs and other body organs and your mind  and soul.

And you keep going deeper, filling yourself up because there’s always another layer, another level.

I am worth building this amazing fulfilling life I have planned. I am so worth the effort its taking and I make every effort to build my life, my health, my body, my wealth, my relationships, everything I want.

And so that’s what I do. I make every effort. I do what it takes to make it stick until it does. I owe myself that.

Life is what we make of it. You can say that looks like too much hard work but sitting around doing nothing and going nowhere is even harder. I have all I need to serve, to share what I know and make a great living doing it.

There are going to be some great programes coming for you to buy. Why? Because I feel called to create them, I know they are needed in the world and I love sharing what I make with you.

Think about how you live day to day. Have you spent any time consciously creating the life you want to live? Or do you just react to what’s happening around you today, tomorrow, the next day? And they all end up almost the same?

What fills you up? what are your non-negotiables that shift your internal balance sheet and raise it up? Have you even noticed how depleted you feel or did you just get used to it?

Think about your daily routine and schedule in some joy time, some lift you up stuff and make a plan for your life that includes this every damn day. Because don’t you deserve it? Are you not worth it?

I know you are. We all are. and that being said, I’m not going to find an online yoga class and do what my body has been screaming at me to do for weeks, if not longer. Listen to your body, get quiet in your mind and ask what you need. The answer always comes if you are prepared to hear it.


Cynthia xx

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